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Cyberbridge 2010-2011

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Life Technologies Video- Download here


Transcript requests must be submitted in writing either in person, by fax, or mail and all of the information could be found by visiting:




You may order official transcripts of your student academic records in the following ways:

  • In person from UCSD Extension Student Services
    9600 N. Torrey Pines Rd., Bldg C
  • By fax at (858) 534-8527 with a Visa, MC or Discover (including the expiration data and signature)
  • By mail, addressed to:

UCSD Extension, Dept. 0176-H 9500 Gilman Drive La Jolla, CA 92093-0176

Please download the form or use the one provided on the inside back cover of the catalog. The fee is $9 per copy. Make checks payable to UC Regents. We do not offer unofficial transcripts. Transcripts are processed within seven working days. Transcripts requested on a rush basis will be processed within one business day and incur an additional $15 fee. Faxed copies are available for an additional $5 fee (for international faxes please add $10 additional fee).






Mission Bay Rose Creek Pics


Final Reflections- click below on your link then upload your documents please


Olympian HS Reflections- Upload Here

Montgomery HS Reflections- Upload Here

Health Science High Reflections- Upload Here

Castle Park Middle Reflections- Upload Here

Chula Vista Middle Reflections- Upload Here

Mission Bay Reflections- Upload here





Science Fest Pics


Olympian High School Science Expo Pictures


Castle Park Middle Science Expo Pictures


Chula Vista Middle School Expo Pictures


Montgomery High School Expo Pictures


Mission Bay Expo Pictures


HSHMC Expo Pictures








Banner Logos- Mission Bay and Montgomery HS- i am just missing the new and improved Cyberbridge logo- so in total there should be 5 logos. feel free to place them on the bottom corner smaller somewhere :)


Sweetwater Psudo number : 90477


San Diego: 5440403510011920021000000


Your Public Team Pages on the Web

Your Facebook Pages






Student Pre-Survey Link


Shortened Student Survey Link:



Long Student Survey Link:





My contact info









Examples of written documentation from past years….


  • Student assignments, including the directions you will give the students
  • Assessments (integrated disciplines), prior knowledge
  • Handouts
  • Tutorials
  • Rubrics
  • Content objectives for individual lessons for each discipline
  • Calendar
  • Scientist involvement for different lessons/activities
  • Logistics of what the students will be doing
  • Parent or administration communication
  • Habits of mind/ethics of excellence (how will you/do you get high quality work)
  • Rigorous and quality work
  • What is your plan for scheduling space/ materials/facilities/field trips/equipment
  • Group work/team work/rubric for how students and you will work in teams
  • Calendar of team teacher meetings
  • Copies of PowerPoint’s
  • Intra team communications (methods such as google docs, pb wiki, etc…)
  • Student work (after the fact, obviously)











Comments (5)

caleyo@... said

at 8:42 pm on Jul 7, 2010

Maggie, I can't figure out where to comment, but what I got out of today's lesson was that: We have an amazing Professor to deal with, Kris is so forward thinking. Our interview with her today cemented our commitment to her vision--to educate students about the safe and ethical use of the internet, and to teach high school students how to prepare for jobs and college. (kind of bringing the computer geek into the world of finding employment and higher education

Clive E. Dorman said

at 2:43 pm on Aug 8, 2010

Very nice pictures of the Chula Vista Middle School "Pilot" on Saturday, 7 Aug. All of the students look engaged & having a good time.

alyssa widmark said

at 9:40 am on Sep 13, 2010

hey everyone
check out our facebook
James, Maggie and our students made some cool videos

andrew levy said

at 3:56 pm on Jun 21, 2011

Maggie, can't download the file (it only plays in the window). can you use yousendit?

andrew levy said

at 3:57 pm on Jun 21, 2011

Scratch that! different system works.

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